Beckson Ventilators- Series C-6 Installation Instructions

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24 Hours per Day, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Vent-O-Mate® ventilators automatically exhaust stale, hot, and moisture-laden air from closed interiors. Removing 350 cu. ft. of air per hour in a breeze of only 6 mph, there are no moving parts to fail or batteries to drain, and no sunlight is necessary. A clear shield permits light to enter and the vent can be closed from the inside in chilly weather or severe conditions. Simply a superior value in ventilation.

Beckson C-6 diaghram

Installing Your Vent-O-Mate® Ventilator

We recommend installing the ventilator on a flat, level surface which is exposed to the wind. If it must be installed near a wind-break or obstacle, then the distance of the ventilator from the obstacle should be twice the height of the obstacle. (Fig. 1) If the ventilator must be installed on a sloping orcurved surface, then it should be positioned so that one of the weep holes in the ventilator base is at the lowest point. For recreational vehicles, the ventilator should be installed in the roof.

Use the template provided to mark the exterior mounting surface before installing. Check to see that there are no obstructions on the inside. Cut the 4" diameter main hole. Center Assembly "D" over the hole (See Figs. 2 & 3); mark and drill the six mounting holes, temporarily inserting screws as you proceed to insure proper screw and hole alignment. If the rubber gasket ring is used, silicone caulking must be applied around the screws to make the installation watertight. We recommend the removal of the rubber ring, replacing it with a bead of silicone around the hole cut. Remove the assembly and screws, and spread a thin layer of silicone caulking around the screw holes (and a bead of silicone in the rubber gasket groove, if it has been removed on the underside of assembly "D"). Be sure to apply enough to maintain at least 1/8" of silicone between assembly "D" and the mounting surface's highest point. Fasten assembly "D" to the surface with screws. Fasten the vent cover "C" to assembly "D". (See Figs. 2 & 4)

The extra finishing ring sleeve "B" (Fig. 2) enables mounting the finishing ring "A" in surface thicknesses up to 1-1/4". Align with finishing ring "A" before proceeding with installation if needed. Secure finishing ring "A" to inside mounting surface with three screws. (Fig. 5) If the mounting surface is less than 3/4" thick, trim ring "A" to appropriate length, and replace supplied fasteners with an appropriate length.

This ventilator works by itself. The wind blowing over the top of the vent acts like wind over airplane wings, creating a partial vacuum over the vent and drawing out air without creating a draft inside. The ventilator can be completely closed by pulling down on the stem (Fig. 6) until the clear center shield (part "E", Fig. 2) sits on the vertical collar. A quarter turn of the stem counter-clockwise will lock the unit closed. DO NOT FORGET TO RE-OPEN TO VENTILATE.

Beeckson C-6 Installation diagram
Beckson C-6 Install Pictures

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