Beckson's Canoe and Kayak Center

Beckson supplies quality hardware designed specifically for canoe and kayak enthusiasts.  This hardware is all field tested by kayakers and canoeist.  When you need it to work correctly, choose Beckson.

318P1/FPS3R Model No. 318P1/FPS-3R 318P1 is designed specifically with the Sea-Kayaker in mind, this upgraded version of our popular Canoe Pump includes an aluminum reinforcing shaft which prevents the pump shaft from flexing in a rolling sea and won't effect a compass. 318P1/FPS3R Sea-Kayak Pump with Float-A-Pump Sleeve installed at the factory. Provides positive flotation for pumps dropped overboard.
A hose can be added for extended discharge. See Here.
Diameter = 1-3/4" Length = 18"
Strokes per Gallon = 8 strokes
Gallon per minute = 8 gallons
Mounting clips sold separately. Ask for Model CLP-1-3/4.
Kayay / Canoe sized boat hook Model No. HM-3 HOOK-MATE® was designed especially with kayakers in mind. This floating fending and grabbing hook extends your reach when you need it and stows snugly with accessory clip
Model No. CLP-1.
Beckson's HOOK-MATE® one piece vinyl clad aluminum construction won't collapse when you need it most. Your Beckson HOOK-MATE® is non-conductive and will not mar your kayak or canoe.
Stow-Away Bag
Stow-Away Deck Plate™ with nylon bag.
Safely Store Watches, Wallets, Car Keys, Glasses. Any Small Items.
Stow-Away™ deck plates come in 4", 5", 6" and 8" sizes.  See here
Beckson Marines lacing hook and eye straps Lacing Hooks and Eye Straps
Keeping everything in place and accessible is crucial for kayakers and canoeists running through whitewater.  Beckson Marines lacing hook and eye straps allow boaters to customize their storage needs - whether shooting rapids, navigating through rough weather or just breezing along.  More here

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