Beckson softlogo Equipment Holders

Safety-Soft , Flexible P.V.C. equipment holders designed to hold a variety of gear in convenient sizes for boat, RV, or Home.  Each with more uses than listed here.  Designed not to hurt you or your equipment.

All Soft-mates™ come with mounting screws.

OEM Note: Custom colors and pad printed logo's available.

Winch Handle Holders HH-1, HH-2 & HH-3

Winch Handle Holders
Designed for standard winch handles

Winch Handle Holder Model HH-1
For flat winch handles, files and fillet knives
10.0" (25.0cm) Height  1.62"   (4.1cm) Width  1.12"   (2.8cm) Diameter

Winch Handle Holder Model HH-2
For medium winch handles, top action, standard or ratchet.
8.5" (21.6cm) Height    3.0"   (7.6cm) Width    2.0"   (5.1cm) Diameter

Winch Handle Holder Model HH-3
For large winch handles, top action, standard or ratchet.
11.0" (28.0cm) Height  3.50"   (8.9cm) Width  2.12"   (5.4cm) Diameter

Binocular Holder HH-4

Binocular Holder
Designed to hold that big pair at the ready

Binocular Holder Model HH-4
For binoculars, magazines, log books and tools.
8-1/4" (21cm) Height  8-3/4" (22.2cm) Width  2-3/4" (6.9cm) Depth

Can Holders HH-6 and HH-61

Beverage and Air Horn Holders
Mount where you need to.

Can and Air Horn Holder Model HH-6
Perfect size for beverage cans, hand held air horns.
3-2/2" (8.9cm) Height  4" (10.1cm) Width  2-3/4" (7.0cm) Diameter

Beverage Holder Model HH-61
Perfect size for beverage cans with insulators.
5" (12.7cm) Height  3" (7.6cm) Width  3-1/2" (8.9cm) Diameter

Available in White or Black.
radio holders HH-8 and HH-81

Radio Holders

Beckson's newest addition to our Soft-Mate family holds the new smaller hand held GPS's, radios, and cell phones. The safety-soft flexible PVC holder won't hurt the user or the equipment.

The Soft-mate mini radio holder is also a good place to store eyeglass cases, pens, pencils, or calculators. The unit is designed for boat and land vehicle and will find many useful places around the home. 

The full size HH-8 is the ideal size for the large hand held radios (CB and 2 meter), GPS's, and scanners that we own.

HH-8 Measurements = 6" high 3" wide 2" deep. 

HH-81 Measurements = 4-3/4" high 2-3/4" wide 2" deep

Available in White or Black.

Emergency Equipment Holder HH-9

Safety Item Holders

Equipment Holder Model HH-9
This was designed to hold small fire extinguishers.  It's a great size for large flash lights, flares and other distress signals.

8" (20.3cm) Height  3" (7.6cm) Width  2-3/4" (7.0cm) Diameter

Available in White, Black, or Red.
Suction Cup Options

Beckson HH-Series of soft plastic accessories can now be purchased with suction cup mounts. This is an ideal solution for when you want a temporary mount, or when you don't want to drill screw holes. Three clear plastic suction cups provide tremendous holding power.

The models that are available with suction cup mounts are HH-1-SC, HH-6-SC, HH-61-SC, HH-8-SC and HH-81-SC. Please contact us if you want other colors or sizes. The suction cup mounts can also be purchased separately if you already own a Soft-mate™ can or radio holder.