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The boat hook is one of the most over-looked but important pieces of boating safety equipment. The development of the Hook-Mate® boat hook incorporates the most demanded and proven boat owner features, including fixed length so there is no collapse in an emergency. Hook-Mate's hook end is the most copied in the world, permitting pushing pulling, and retrieving without slippage. This boat hook is also non-corroding and cleans easily for a lifetime of service

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FLOTATION - Even the most experienced boater loses things overboard. Most telescopic and other hooks immediately sink out of sight. Hook-Mate boat hooks always FLOAT!

STRONG - Fending-off or pulling require a strong shaft of fixed length. Beckson's one-piece aluminum construction won't bend, jam or pull apart or collapse, as do jointed boat hooks.

NON-MARRING - Hook-Mate® grips, hook end and vinyl sheath will not mark your boat. Hook-Mate® boat hooks have no sharp edges and easily cleans to maintain their brand-new appearance.

SAFETY - The Hook-Mate's one piece construction is ready-to-use in any situation; no fumbling with adjustments.

NON-CONDUCTIVE - Hook-Mate's vinyl sheath insulates the shaft. Accidentally snagging an electric wire while probing unfamiliar docks will not produce a shock. Hook-Mate's vinyl sheath also provides a protected finish that won't splinter or crack.

HOOK END - Hook-Mate's hook end is the most copied in the world. It's unique double-ball design permits pushing, pulling and retrieving without slippage. The hook and hand grip are aligned so that in the dark or underwater when you cannot see the hook, you will know its position.

GUARANTEE - Hook-Mate's hook-end is guaranteed for 5 years. If it breaks, return the broken pieces that you have (along with $4.00 for postage and handling) to Beckson Marine for a free replacement.

Beckson Hook Features


(Red hook and handles)
Model# - Size
HM-3 3' (.92 M)   HM-4 4' (1.2 M)
HM-5 5' (1.5 M)   HM-6 6' (1.8 M)
HM-7 7' (2.1 M)   HM-8 8' (2.4 M)

(Blue hook and handles)
Model# - Size
HM-3BL 4' (.92 M)   HM-4BL 4' (1.2 M)
HM-5BL 5' (1.5 M)   HM-6BL 6' (1.8 M)
HM-7BL 7' (2.1 M)   HM-8BL 8' (2.4 M)

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