Beckson Screw-Out Deck Plates

Supporting safety and reliability aboard, Beckson pry-out and screw-out deck plates in all sizes are now certified by independent lab testing to exceed FIVE certifications! ABYC H-3 Watertightness, ABYC H-4, NEMA 250 6P Submergence, ISO 12216 and ISO 11812

Screw-Out Deck Plate by Beckson
Though deck plates are no new invention, Beckson was the first to conquer all three safety features. First, a cover that would not open unexpectedly. Second, maximum water tightness. Third, prevent jamming closed or cross- threading that would prevent a cover from being closed.

The Beckson Screw-Out Plate was designed to provide access without the use of tools, with a single start, non-jamming (no cross-thread), extra strong, self-cleaning buttress thread. They incorporate a self-aligning center and an innovative gasket to assure a watertight seal. A unique back-up sealing wall leaves the plate water resistant, even if the gasket is removed.

A screw-out plate should be used in compartments where a change in air pressure due to temperature or oil canning can occur. Deck plates also are used for access, inspection, and clean out for tanks and compartments, or just as a general access for shut-off valves or back- fastenings. Our clear center plates permit observation of controls or gauges and visual inspection without the necessity of removing the plate.

OEM Note: Specials color/materials and logo centers are available.
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A note about fuel tank mounting.
We do NOT recommend your using our deck plates for access directly into a fuel tank.

Through the deck above the tank? OK. But into the tank itself? No.
The diesel fuel would "eat up" the molded o-ring over time and would allow fuel to leak - a totally unacceptable situation. You are better off using an aluminum or stainless steel plate and a diesel-compatible gasket material, attaching this plate onto the tank with through-bolt fasteners.

4" Deck Plate with Standard Trim Ring  

Outside Diameter: 6 1/8" (15.6 cm) Inside Diameter: 4" (10.2 cm) Hole Cut: 4 1/2" (11.4 cm) 
Thin Rim with or without screw holes may be available in some color / material combinations. Thin rim OD is 5.625"

6" Deck Plate with Standard Trim Ring  
Outside Diameter: 8 1/8" (20.6 cm) Inside Diameter: 6" (15.2 cm) Hole Cut: 6 1/2" (16.5 cm)
Thin Rim with or without screw holes may be available in some color / material combinations. Thin rim OD is 7.50"

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Model# Color Center style
DP40-B Black Smooth
DP40-B-C Black/Clear Smooth
DP40-N Beige Smooth
DP40-W White Smooth
DP40-W-C White/Clear Smooth
DP42-B Black Dimple
DP42-N Beige Dimple
DP42-W White Dimple
DP44-B Black Diamond
DP44-N Beige Diamond
DP44-W White Diamond
 Model# Color Center style
DP60-B Black Smooth
DP60-B-C Black/Clear Smooth
DP60-N Beige Smooth
DP60-W White Smooth
DP60-W-C While/Clear Smooth
DP62-B Black Dimple
DP62-N Beige Dimple
DP62-W White Dimple
DP64-B Black Diamond
DP64-N Beige Diamond
DP64-W White Diamond

8" Screw Out with diamond pattern Beckson has added an 8 inch screw out deck plate to our line of premier quality deck and access plates.

This plate operates just like the Beckson industry standard 4" and 6" screw out deck plates. It is molded of high quality marine grade plastics and is built to last. It is available in white, black and beige with a solid center or a clear center.

Three cover styles are available Smooth , Dimpled and Diamond Cut.
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8" Deck Plate with Standard Trim Ring  
OD: 10" (25.4 cm) Hole Cut: 8-1/2" (21.6 cm) Passage: 7-5/8" (19.4 cm)  Additional gasket = D8S-G
No Thin Rim is available for 8" deck plates

 Model# Color Center style
DP80-B Black Smooth
DP80-B-C Black/Clear Smooth
DP80-N Beige Smooth
DP80-W White Smooth
DP80-W-C White/Clear Smooth
DP82-B Black Dimple
DP82-W White Dimple
DP84-B Black Diamond
DP84-N Beige Diamond
DP84-W White Diamond