Beckson Cam Latch Retrofit Instructions

Beckson Cam Latches will fit all Beckson opening ports and some other opening ports using 1/4-20 toggle bolts. Contact Beckson directly for Cam Latches to fit 5/16" threaded toggles.


1. Open port lens as far as possible. Be sure the lens is well clear of the toggle area.

2. Tighten existing window knob against the pin bosses. This will steady the toggle and expose its threaded end. Approximately 1/2" of thread should extend beyond the knob top. See figure #1.

retro pic#13. The threaded end of the toggle has been crimped to prevent the knob from twisting off. The crimping must be removed and the threads restored to working order prior to the knob being removed. The easiest methods to accomplish this are:

A. The quickest, least involved removal of the knob requires a pair of work gloves and a small amount of patience. Simply unscrew the knob with a gloved hand until firm resistance is encountered. Reverse the turning direction until the knob spins freely. Again unscrew the knob as far as possible. Repeat this procedure until the crimped area of the toggle thread has been reshaped by the knob and the knob spins freely off the toggle. If thread is too damaged to unscrew knob, proceed to "B"

B. With a small file remove the crimped areas, see fig. #2. Sometimes the corner of the file can be used to trace the threads through the crimped areas. There are thread restoring files available at local auto parts and hardware stores to make the job easier. When satisfied the crimped area is removed, lubricate the threads with petroleum jelly or silicone grease and gently twist the knob back and forth across the end of the toggle. When rotation is easy, remove knob.

retro pic#2
4. Inspect the toggle for damage or wear. Replace bent and worn toggles. Contact Beckson for component parts.

5. Align the threaded portion of the Beckson Cam Latch with the toggle bolt end. Carefully twist onto the toggle making sure not to cross thread the Cam Latch on the toggle bolt. Once onto the toggle adjust the Cam Latch tension to seal the port lens against the gasket. Proper adjustments will hold a dollar bill firmly between the lens and port gasket. Adjustment is maintained unless the Cam Latch is turned.

6. The unique features of the Beckson Cam Latch allow one to quickly release, open and close ports, provide predetermined adjustment, permit the lever to be closed at different angles and include strong self lubricating materials which do not corrode.

7. Additional information and assistance is available from Beckson.

Beckson does not represent or claim the Cam Latches will fit all opening ports. However, all Beckson opening ports can be retrofitted with Beckson Cam Latches. Beckson cannot accept responsibility for damage cosmetic or otherwise which occurs during the installation of Beckson Cam Latches.