Beckson Pry-Out Deck Plates

Supporting safety and reliability aboard, Beckson pry-out and screw-out deck plates in all sizes are now certified by independent lab testing to exceed FIVE certifications! ABYC H-3 Watertightness, ABYC H-4, NEMA 250 6P Submergence, ISO 12216 and ISO 11812

Pry Out Deck Plate by Beckson
Beckson developed the first pry-out deck plate as an access cover to its permanently mounted pump. These pry-out plates were designed with an extra heavy O-ring to assure a water tight fit.

Plates are provided with non- skid or smooth surfaces for different installation requirements. The Diamond Pattern Deck Plate takes a proven watertight product a step further. The non-skid pattern extends across the center, eliminating the edge ring that traps dirt and debris. Rain and spray keep the non-skid surface clean.

Our clear center plates permit observation of controls or gauges and visual inspection without the necessity of removing the plate. Pry-out plates should be installed in areas where internal pressure (oil-canning) is not present.

OEM Note: Specials color/materials and logo centers are available.
6" Pry-out Deck Plate - Standard Trim Ring  Replacement Gasket = D6P-G
Outside Diameter: 8 1/8" (15.6 cm) Inside Diameter: 6 3/16" (15.5 cm) Hole Cut: 6 1/2" (16.5 cm)
Thin Rim with or without screw holes may be available in some color / material combinations. Thin rim OD is 7.50"

8" Pry-out Deck Plate - Standard Trim Ring Replacement Gasket = D8P-G
Outside Diameter: 10" Inside Diameter: 8" Hole Cut: 8 1/2"
No thin rim available.

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 Model# Color Center style
DP61-B Black Smooth
DP61-B-C Black/Clear Smooth
DP61-W White Smooth
DP61-W-C White/Clear Smooth
DP63-B Black Dimple
DP63-N Beige Dimple
DP63-W White Dimple
DP65-B Black Diamond
DP65-N Beige Diamond
DP65-W White Diamond
 Model# Color Center style
DP81-B Black Smooth
DP81-B-C Black/Clear Smooth
DP81-W White Smooth
DP81-W-C White/Clear Smooth
DP83-B Black Dimple
DP83-N Beige Dimple
DP83-W White Dimple
DP85-B Black Diamond
DP85-N Beige Diamond
DP85-W White Diamond

Boston Whaler Colors are Back

Due to demand for Beckson plates for restoration and to renew older boats, we ran some in the original OEM colors.

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DP63TK OD = 7-1/2"  ID = 6-3/16"  Hole Cut = 6 1/2"  Thin rim dimple center khaki color.
DP83-K OD = 10"  ID = 8"  Hole Cut = 8-1/2"  Full rim dimple center khaki color. Slightly larger hole cut than original.
DP61TK-C OD = 7-1/2" ID = 6-3/16" Hole Cut = 6-1/2" Thin khaki color rim Clear smooth center