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Safety-Soft , Flexible P.V.C. Accessories.
Designed to hold a variety of gear in convenient sizes.
Designed for Boat, Home, RV, Anywhere

Beckson HH-6 Soft Can Holder Model HH-6
Safety-soft flexible PVC prevents injuries. Designed to hold beverage cans, bottles, air horns, etc. Uses screws to mount.

4.50" (12.0 cm) Height
3.00" ( 7.6 cm) Width
2.75" ( 7.0 cm) Diameter
Standard Size for cans, bottles, air horns, glasses, etc. 
Beckson HH-61 Soft Can Holder HH-61
This is a two step model, molded from soft flexible PVC. The inner step holds cans and air horns like the HH-6, but the outer step holds can with insulators, wine bottles, etc. Uses screws to mount.

5.00" (12.7 cm) Height
3.00" ( 7.6 cm) Width
3.50" ( 8.9 cm) Diameter
Beckson HH-61B Soft Can Holder HH-61B
All Beckson Safety-soft PVC accessories come in both black and white. Special colors and logo's upon request.
Dual size for beverage containers as HH-6 with or without insulator sleeves.
Note: Both HH-6 and HH-61 come with mounting screws and are available in both white and black.  Can be Pad Printed with your Logo.