Beckson Aluminum Cup and Glass Holders 

This is a super way to dress up your Beckson GH43 series cup holders.  The GH42 aluminum insert slips snugly into the cup holder and will stay in place until you need to remove it to clean it.  The domed rim hides the plastic cup rim completely.   The plastic cup and aluminum insert can be purchased at the same time.  The standard anodized colors are gloss clear or flat black.  Colors are powder coated and available for any RAL number and finish.

OEM Note:  Dress up you cupholders.  We will match any color you have.

GH42AL-C installation

Colors are Powder Coated!  Pick a RAL number and finish.

Model# GH42AL Size: ID = 3-1/2"  Depth = 2-5/8" Curved flange OD = 4-1/2"
Gold Powder Coat



Gold Powder Coat

White Powder coat

White Powder Coat

Red Powder Coat



Red Powder Coat

green Powder Coat

Green Powder Coat

Blue Powder Coat



Blue Powder Coat


Slips into Beckson GH43 Series Cup

Low Profile GH40 Series Cup Holders

The low profile aluminum cup holder from Beckson is a winner on table tops, gaming tables and counters where minimal height is critical.  This is a standalone cup.  No plastic base is available.   Order direct here.

GH40 Series
Model# Color Dimensional Info:
GH40AL-C   Clear Width of Flange : 4-3/8"
GH40AL-B Black Cup Depth: 3-5/16"
GH40AL-BL Blue ID: 3-5/8"
GH40AL-G Gold
GH40AL-R Red