Beckson Flush Hatch Installation Instructions

HT SERIES HATCHES - Installation Recommendations

Please read the following recommendations for the installer thoroughly and carefully. Beckson will not be held responsible for installer error. For special installations seek additional information and/or professional help.

Location - Determine the location for your hatch and check for adequate room for operation. Be sure to check the area below or behind where the hatch is to be installed for possible conflicts.

Tools - Pencil, utility knife, single edged razorblade, saber saw, drill, 3/8" drill bit (to start saw cut), small drill for pilot holes, rough file, silicone sealant, and #10 fasteners. Hatch may be installed with counter-sunk #10 screws or bolts. Your choice will determine the drill size required for the fastener holes. Determine the proper length of the fasteners by adding 1/4" (screws) or 1/2" (bolts) to the deck or wall thickness.

Cutout - Template - Remove the hatch cover by opening the hatch 180 degrees and applying pressure on the hatch cover in the fully open position. The cover should pop off the connecting hinges. Be careful not to twist the cover during removal, which could result in breaking the hinges. Once the cover is removed, place the mounting ring in the installation location and scribe inside the hatch to initiate the main hole cut template. Remove the hatch and scribe an outer line 1/4" outside the first. Verify again that there are no conflicts to the installation area such as electrical wire, structural supports, etc. Drill a pilot hole between the two lines and then open the hole with the 3/8" drill. Insert your saber saw and make your hole cut by "taking out" the outside line with the saw. Check the cutout with the hatch itself for proper fit. The cutout needs to allow room for sealant around the hatch to provide a proper sealing area and also act as a flexible gasket for changes in temperature.

Drilling Fastener Holes - Center the mounting ring in the cutout and drill pilot holes for the fasteners. Remove the mounting ring and reattach the cover by snapping back into place.Next open the fastener holes with the appropriate drill bit for the fasteners that you have chosen.

Tip for Easy Cleanup - Set the hatch in place without sealant or fasteners. Use a damp sponge with a small amount of liquid soap, wrung dry, and apply around the hatch where excess sealant may squeeze out during installation.

Sealant - Beckson recommends using only slilicone sealant. Liberally apply sealant on the underside of the mounting ring and around the outside of the spigot (the flange through the mounting hole) and around the fastener holes. Put the hatch in place and align with drilled fastener holes. Fasten the hatch. Tighten until there are one to two turns left, then stop. Do not remove excess sealant at this time. Allow sealant to set. See recommended curing time per manufacturer's instructions. After sealant has cured turn fasteners one last turn. Do not overtighten.

Cleanup - Carefully trim excess sealant that may have squeezed out during installation with a single edged razor blade. Perform final cleanup with a wet sponge. Close hatch and latch.

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase and successful installation of your new Beckson Hatch.