Beckson Deck Plate Accessories

Deck Plate Pry Bar
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Deck Plate Pry BarDPA-1 Pry Bar

Deck Access Plate Pry-Bar DPA-1
Used for removing center of 6" or 8" deck access plate.  Constructed of aluminum with 8" 18-8 stainless steel chain.
Chain attaches under the deck to installation bolt.

Model# DPA-1

Deck Plate Key

Deck Plate Key

Deck Access Plate Key DPA-4
Known for its durable deck plates, Beckson Marine now takes this high-quality standard of manufacturing to make the accessory many boaters need. The new DPA-4 Deck Plate Key is a 3-in-1 multi-tool made to work with screw-out, pry-out or twist-out deck plates.

Beckson’s Deck Plate Key has a pry-out tool on one end and a drain plug slot wrench on the other. This slot can also be used to hang the key on a hook in a handy spot. Two nubs on the tool’s edge are for use as a spanner wrench with screw-out deck plates. Approximately 7″ long, the key is offered in a bright, stand-out yellow to make sure it can be easily found. It’s constructed from tough high-strength acetal resin for a long life.

Model# DPA-4

Deck Plate Chain

DPA-2 8" deck Plate Chain
Deck Access Plate Chain
Model# DPA-2

Ideal for installing on deck plate to avoid loss of center.  Install on either 4" or 6" screw-out or 8" pry-out deck access plate.  8" 18-8 stainless chain.

Deck Access Center PostDeck Access Chain Attached

The bottom of the Beckson deck plate center has a six pointed star post that will help you from losing the center.  Screw one end of our DPA-2 8" stainless steel deck plate chain into the star and attach the other end to one of the thru-bolts that hold the rim down.