Beckson Ditty Bag Installation

Congratulations and thank you for your purchase of this kit.

The kit allows you to modify your existing Beckson Deck Plate to accept and retain the ditty bag. This kit is for use with Beckson Deck Plates made from ABS material. Almost all of the Beckson Deck Plates sold to Distributors and Retailers are made from these materials. Some Beckson Deck Plates are made from other materials and supplied to Boat builders at the OEM level. (See Special Note below).

The kit consists of just two items.
1) An Adapter Ring to attach to the Deck Plate 2) The Drawstring Ditty Bag
The addition of the adapter ring is necessary to support the ditty bag beneath the deck plate.

To add the adapter ring: Please read and understand instructions fully before proceeding.

Materials required: Latex gloves - Protective eye wear - ABS cement (Available from Plumbing Supply and most Hardware stores) - Denatured Alcohol - Duct Tape

Protect your hands with latex gloves. Use protective eye wear. Work in a well-ventilated area. Follow the instructions and precautions of the ABS cement manufacturer.

A. For a previously installed ABS deck plate: (Hint - Practice Steps 5 and 6 before applying adhesive.)
1. Remove the deck plate center and set aside.
2. Clean the underside of the mounted outer ring of the deck plate with alcohol.
3. Allow excess alcohol to evaporate before proceeding.
4. Carefully paint the outer ledge of the adapter ring with ABS cement using the cap applicator brush. Lightly test an area to determine how full the brush is. Try to limit excess. Be careful to protect the threads from the solvent. ABS cement will blemish the threads and finish. Be aware that any excess ABS cement on your gloves will mar the finish on the outer ring or threads if contact occurs.
5. Very carefully push the ring through the opening at a 90 degree angle. Don't drop it.
6. Carefully bring the wet edges of the adapter ring together with the mounted ring and hold for 30 seconds.
7. It is necessary to keep light pressure on the under side of the ring for an hour or so while the solvent-weld cures. Duct tape strips may be used to maintain tension during curing time. Tape from the underside of the deck, up and out through the deck plate to the mounting ring to maintain pressure between the adapter ring and the receiver ring. Tape a minimum of two opposing points. Excess adhesive from the duct tape may be removed with a concentrated solution of baking soda and water. Refer to the ABS cement manufacturer's instructions for proper curing time.

B. For a new, yet to be installed, ABS deck plate or after removing a deck plate.
1. Clean the underside of the outer ring of the deck plate and the adapter ring with alcohol.
2. Allow excess alcohol to evaporate before proceeding.
3. Place the adapter ring on a flat surface.
4. Carefully apply ABS cement to the outer ledge of the adapter ring.
5. Carefully set the deck plate onto the adapter ring so it mates with the ring.
6. Place a weight (8oz to 1 lb) onto the top of the deck plate and allow the solvent-weld to properly cure. Refer to the ABS cement manufacturer's instructions for proper curing time.

SPECIAL NOTE: For Beckson Polypropylene deck plates, Original Equipment at the OEM level, (which defy solvent-welding) you will need to replace the existing deck plate. Beckson will sell the corresponding Beckson ABS Deck Plate at a savings of 50% off the current list price and supply another adapter ring. Note that color may vary. For help with this, please call or contact Beckson directly at

Do not overload. The ditty bag will hold plenty of items but the weight of some items may be too much.