DECK ACCESS PLATES DECK PLATE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED WITH CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND ALS0 MAY BE DOWNLOADED FROM BECKSON.COM OUR LINE OF CERTIFIED DECK PLATES INCLUDES ● screw-out and pry-out styles ● standard or thin trim rings ● 3 different sizes ● 3 different surface textures, ● multiple material selections In addition, to give you years of dependability, Beckson has developed proprietary resin formulations to insure superior strength, durability, and weather/UV resistance. All proprietary resins can be color matched to your color scheme. VISIT OUR WEBSITE, TOO! All Beckson products are available from fine marine dealers throughout the United States. Contact us for technical help, installation advice, and international purchasing assistance. 203-333-1412 Secure Easy Ordering 203-333-1412 BECKSON MARINE 165 HOLLAND AVENUE BRIDGEPORT, CT 06605