OUR SMALLEST DECKPLATE! Avoid that sinking feeling at the boat ramp. Screw-type drain plug with patented self-cleaning thread, o-ring, and super strength retaining legs to secure the center while draining. Works best if it’s in place before you put your boat in the water! Be sure to keep a few spare centers on hand. Great for small boats, fish wells, coolers, ice chests, water tanks. DECK ACCESS PLATES MODEL# SIZE DESCRIPTION DP10-B HOLE CUT 1" (2.54cm) BLACK DRAIN PLUG W/GASKET DP10-W HOLE CUT 1" (2.54cm) WHITE DRAIN PLUG W/GASKET DIS-CTR-B BLACK CENTER COMPONENT ONLY DIS-CTR-W WHITE CENTER COMPONENT ONLY O.A. 1-1/4 x 2" (3.175 x 5.08cm) Thin Rim 6' Screw-Out Deck Access Plate Deck Plate Chain 8” (20.3cm) MODEL# DPA-2 SPECIAL ORDER Call us for more information if you require colors other than what you see here. As we have in the past, we continue to produce special order deck access plates for boatbuilders who want dependable, top quality products. DECK PLATES WITH THIN RINGS Sometimes space for a deck plate may be extremely limited. For these locations, Beckson has developed outside rings for the 4" and 6" Screw-Out plates and for 6" Pry-Out plates that are at least 1/2" (1.3 cm) smaller than the standard diameter deck plate. Thin Ring Screw-Out plates feature fastenerless mounting, but may be drilled and counter-bored for normal pan head screws. Thin Rim Pry-Out plates are pre-drilled and counter-bored for mounting screws. To order Thin Rim 4” and 6” plates, add “T” to the Deck Plate Model# DPA-1 DECK PLATE PRY BAR for proper removal of the center of 6" or 8" pry-out deck access plates. Made of sturdy aluminum, it comes with an 8" 8-18 corrosion and wear-resistant stainless steel chain, which can be attached under the deck plate rim to an installation bolt. DPA-2 DECK ACCESS PLATE CHAIN. 8" 1-18 stain- less steel. Don't lose your deck plate center! For 4" or 6" screw-out or 8" pry out deck access plates. The underside of the Beckson deck plate center has a 6-pointed star post into which you can screw one end of the chain. Attach the other end of the chain to one of the thru-bolts that hold the rim down. DPA-4 DECK PLATE KEY. Versatile deck access plate tool. You need this bright yellow, high visibility Deck Plate Key! Made of high strength acetal resin, it's a 3-in-1 multi-tool made to work with screw-out, pry-out, and twist-out plates. The pry-out tool is at one end and a drain plug slot wrench on the other end, which can also be used to hang the key in a handy spot. Two nubs on the tool edge are for use as a spanner wrench with screw-out deck plates. Approximately 7" long. Buy extras. They make great gifts for the boaters in your life! DECK PLATE ACCESSORIES Standard Rim 6' Screw-Out Deck Access Plate MODEL# DPA-4 MODEL# DPA-1 19 7 Secure Easy Ordering 203-333-1412 www.beckson.com