DECK PLATE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED WITH CONSUMER PRODUCTS OR MAY BE DOWNLOADED FROM BECKSON.COM DECK ACCESS PLATES THE ART OF DECK PLATE GASKET INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE ABOUT BECKSON DECK PLATE GASKETS The Gasket is an important component of the Deck Plate Set. In a Beckson Screw-Out Deck Plate, the gasket ensures the seal between the Mounting Ring (Receptacle) and the Center (Insert) after threaded closure. For a Beckson Pry-Out Deck Plate, the gasket provides both the seal and the closure. For the seals to be at maximum, the gaskets need to be maintained in good condition. Periodic inspection of the integrity of the three component parts is necessary. These actions should be added to your pre-trip checklist. Beckson Deck Plate Keys help to ensure that Screw-Out Plates are tightly closed and that Pry-Out centers are removed without damage to the Mounting Ring or Center. These can be purchased directly from Beckson. BECKSON SCREW-OUT DECK PLATES: While the buttress thread of the Screw-Out Deck Plates are to some degree self-cleaning, sand, dirt, grease and other particles and contaminates may still accumulate. This can make the center difficult to open or keep it from closing properly. If these conditions are present there can be debris between the gasket and the mating surfaces. Remove the Center and clean the threads and the underside of the top lip of the Center. Be sure to clean the threads and thread walls of the Mounting Ring as well. Remove the Gasket and clean both the gasket and the gasket channel and gently re-install the gasket. When installing Screw-Out 4” and 6” gaskets, be sure that the knock-out marks (little circles) are facing down into the channel. Lay the gasket gently into the channel and follow it around with your finger to ease it into into the channel. Be careful not to twist the gasket during the installation. Screw-Out Centers should be tightly closed. Threads and Gaskets can be lubricated with Teflon or Silicone Grease or Silicone Spray. Use sparingly. Petroleum products like WD-40 and CRC-666 and Vaseline should never be used. IF THE GASKET APPEARS WORN OR DAMAGED, REPLACE THE GASKET. It's a good idea to keep GENUINE BECKSON GASKET SPARES ABOARD WITH OTHER SAFETY EQUIPMENT. Use only genuine Beckson gaskets. Gaskets can be purchased directly from Beckson. BECKSON PRY-OUT DECK PLATES: The Beckson Pry-Out Deck Plate Gasket provides both the closure and seal for the Deck Plate Set. The Gasket should be inspected with every opening of the plate. If the Gasket is dirty, remove and clean the gasket and the gasket groove with soap and water and replace the gasket. Also clean the mating surfaces of the Mounting Ring or Center with soap and water. Pry-Out gaskets should never be lubricated. If the Mounting Ring or Center has been damaged or gouged by using an improper tool to remove the Center, the Deck Plate should be replaced. IF THE GASKET APPEARS WORN, DAMAGED OR FLATTENED, REPLACE THE GASKET. WHEN RE-INSTALLING, THE CENTER SHOULD PRESS IN WITH SOME RESISTANCE. IF IT FEELS LOOSE, REPLACE THE GASKET. GENUINE BECKSON GASKET SPARES SHOULD BE KEPT ABOARD WITH OTHER SAFETY EQUIPMENT. Use only genuine Beckson gaskets. Gaskets can be purchased directly from Beckson. The Gasket is a vital component of the Deck Plate Set. You'll find more information about deck plate gasket maintenance and installation on our website,, where you may order them directly. To ensure the integrity of our deckplates, purchase only genuine Beckson gaskets! REPLACEMENT GASKETS FOR BECKSON DECK PLATES MODEL# SCREW OUT D4S-G 4" D6S-G 6" D8S-G 8" MODEL# TWIST-OUT D5S-G 5" MODEL# PRY-OUT D6P-G 6" D8P-G 8" 6 Secure Easy Ordering 203-333-1412