DECK ACCESS PLATES PRY-OUT DECK PLATES, 6", 8" CERTIFIED WATERTIGHT MODEL # COLOR CENTER STYLE DP61-B BLACK SMOOTH DP61-B-C BLACK/CLEAR SMOOTH DP61-W WHITE SMOOTH DP61-W-C WHITE/CLEAR SMOOTH DP63-B BLACK PEBBLE DP63-N BEIGE PEBBLE DP63-W WHITE PEBBLE DP65-B BLACK DIAMOND DP65-N BEIGE DIAMOND DP65-W WHITE DIAMOND 6" PRY-OUT DECK PLATES MODEL# COLOR CENTER STYLE DP81-B BLACK SMOOTH DP81-B-C BLACK/CLEAR SMOOTH DP81-W WHITE SMOOTH DP81-W-C WHITE/CLEAR SMOOTH DP83-B BLACK PEBBLE DP83-N BEIGE PEBBLE DP83-W WHITE PEBBLE DP85-B BLACK DIAMOND DP85-N BEIGE DIAMOND DP85-W WHITE DIAMOND 8" PRY-OUT DECK PLATES Secure Easy Ordering 203-333-1412 DP85-W Beckson developed the first Pry-Out Deck Plate as an access cover to a permanently mounted pump. These pry-out plates were designed with an extra heavy O-ring to assure a watertight fit. Our certified watertight Deck Plates are manufactured with textured or smooth surfaces for different installation requirements. The Diamond Pattern and the Pebble Pattern Deck Plates take our deck plates a step further. The non-skid pattern extends across the center, eliminating the edge ring that traps dirt and debris. Rain and spray keep the non-skid surface clean. Our clear center plates permit visual inspection and observation of controls or gauges without removing the plate. Pry-out plates should be installed only in areas where internal pressure (oil-canning) is not present. A thin trim ring with or without screw holes may be available for 6" Pry-Out deck plates in some color/material combinations. OEM Note: Special color/materials and logo centers are available. DIMENSIONS OF PRY-OUT DECK PLATES WITH STANDARD TRIM AND THIN RINGS All plates include gasket OD: 8-1/8" (20.6 cm) ID: 6-3/16" (15.7 cm) Hole Cut: 6-1/2" (16.5 cm) Additional Gasket D6P-G Thin ring OD: 7-1/2" (19.06 cm) For Thin Ring add T to Model # OD: 10" (25.4 cm) ID: 8" (20.3 cm) Hole Cut: 8-1/2" (21.6 cm) Additional Gasket D8P-G No thin ring for 8" deck plates 6" 8" OD: OUTSIDE DIMENSION ID: INSIDE DIMENSION * 2 DP65-N DP63-W DP81-B-C