Trouble Shooting the Beckson 519 Series Pump

Beckson 519 eries Pump
If you are having trouble with the pumping action of this pump, there are three places that you need to inspect for damage or debris.

The first is the strainer valve at the end of the outlet hose. This operates as a check valve while pumping. Remove the strainer, clear any debris and inspect the inside. There should be a rubber disk covering all of the holes in the strainer. If you can see light or there is a tear, then this part needs to be replaced. This replacement part is our Model# STV-2

The second valve is inside the angled foot at the bottom of the pump. Release the worm clamp that holds the foot on the bottom of the pump and pull the foot off. Clean out any debris from the sealing surfaces. There should be a large rubber flapper valve covering the outlet of the foot. This should be glued down tight along the edge opposite the outlet. If this is torn it need to be replaced. The replacement valve assembly is our Model# FV-3.

The third place that might be giving you trouble is the handle and shaft assembly. If there is only minor resistance when you pump the shaft, then this needs to be replaced. When you seal off the bottom of the pump and pull up on the shaft, you should meet a lot of resistance and the shaft will pull back down the pump body if the valve is sealing properly. The replacement shaft assembly is our Model# SHV-3

Please keep in mind that more than one valve might need to be replaced..