Beckson Opening Port Gasket Installation

Anatomy of a Beckson Port

Please read instructions carefully.

Remove old gasket by pulling out of groove. Before installing a new gasket make sure groove is clean and dry. Do not use any type of lubricant and make sure the screen is in place, smooth side facing toward you and leg down into inner groove, before installing the new gasket.

The part of the gasket that fits into the groove is the smaller, thinner part which is called the "leg". Start in between the two hinges by positioning the seam of the gasket over the outer groove of the window frame. Work from this location toward the top right corner. Guide entry of the leg of the gasket into the outer groove with your hand by bending the gasket out and away from the frame 90 deg. (see Fig. 1) Pushing down firmly at the 90 deg point with your index finger or thumb will seat the gasket into the groove. Proceed slowly, seating 1/4" at a time.

As you work around the corners, slightly stretch the gasket so extra material doesn't cause a crease or a bump.

After seating the gasket around the first corner by hand, take the end of a wooden ruler or similar tool with a dull flat end and press down on top of the leg of the gasket to complete seating the first corner. (see Fig. 2) This is accomplished when the small ribs on the leg of the gasket are completely inserted into the groove. Continue on to the following corners in the same manner until the gasket. is completely seated in the groove. Seating the last corner will require slight stretching of the gasket. If the gasket pulls out of the opposite corner, this indicates you need to go back to that corner and stretch the gasket a little more along with pushing it down into the groove further.

Take extra care to make sure the leg is completely seated near the hinges and latches.

The complete gasket should now be smooth and uniform.

Note: These gaskets require some effort to install. A tight installation assures a water tight seal.

Tip from the field. Our thanks to Matt Jenkins.

Just before installing the gasket, carefully stretch / flex it a bit - Start next to the seam holding the gasket between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, with about an inch of gasket between. Give it a little stretch. Work your way around the gasket. Be careful not to pull on the seam or over stretch.. This flexes the rubber a bit (like stretching a balloon before blowing it up) removing the stiffness. It also stretches it out temporarily just enough to make it fit better with almost no pull on the final corner.

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